At Gerami Law we conduct a customized assessment of your situation based on all the details and facts of your case, evaluate your legal options carefully, and devise the most strategic and suitable legal solution for you based on your needs and priorities.

Putting Our Clients First

We consider our clients to be our most important assets, which is why outstanding client service forms the foundation of our law practice.

Effective Communication

We believe effective communication to be the key to a successful lawyer-client relationship, so we listen to our clients to understand their specific concerns and ask pertinent questions to fully capture the details of their case. We also consider it our professional responsibility to communicate effectively with our clients and to help them understand the relevant legal information and advice we have provided.

Gaining our Clients’ Trust

We work with our clients to develop specific goals and objectives that are tailored to their needs. As we work on their case, we keep them informed of what we are going to do for them and the strategy we will be pursing to achieve that goal. At all times, our discussions with our clients are kept confidential and protected by solicitor-client privilege.

We will also outline the scope of the legal services we will be providing to our clients, including the approximate timeline for handling their matter, and its potential outcomes. Clients will receive a practical estimate of our fees followed by clear, correct and prompt billing. We will explain to our clients the various factors that may affect how long their case may take and its potential cost.

At all times, we will act with integrity, courtesy and respect towards our clients and maintain high standards of professional conduct and service. Our goal is to be accessible and responsive, and to provide high quality, ethical and reliable legal services.

Client-Lawyer Collaboration

We believe client-lawyer collaboration through clear, honest and forthright exchanges of information and ideas leads to more effective client representation. As such, from the outset, we take an interactive and collaborative approach to our working relationship, as we proceed to assess our client’s needs, recommend actions and make decisions together. We continuously seek our client’s input and explain the reasons behind our advice. At our meetings, we encourage them to ask any questions they may have or discuss anything that may require additional clarification.

Exceeding Client Expectations

We know we have achieved results when our clients thank us for being there to guide, advise and support them every step of the way. They remember our high standards, our outstanding service and our responsiveness to their needs. We are confident that by fostering and nurturing our relationship with clients and exceeding their expectations, they will come back to us again the next time they need our services and go out of their way to recommend our services to others in the community.