Client: Edgar LPH

Date: June 2017

Testimonial:  I am very grateful for having been referred to Ms. Gerami. Ms. Gerami fought tooth and nail to guarantee my safety and security. Before she took on my case I had gone to four different lawyers. They all failed to give me the proper representation and effort my case needed.  I went through several appeals with different lawyers all failing to get me my PR.  Years later a happy client of Ms. Gerami referred me to her.  I went in thinking she was just another lawyer but I quickly learnt she was the best lawyer in Ottawa.

She looks into every single detail and leaves no stone unturned.  In immigration cases I feel like you have to be very meticulous. With only one application she was able to help me get approved for my PR.  If you need an immigration lawyer there is no doubt in my mind that Gerami Law PC is the place for you.  The staff are all very professional and courteous especially Kelsey 🙂

Client: Aleksandar Velev

Date: October 2017

Testimonial:  I am extremely grateful for all the work and attention that I received at Gerami Law PC. All the work is done at a highly professional level and at the same time, as a client, I was treated with a lot of empathy and understanding about my personal situation.

I can honestly say that, if your case has any chance of being solved, at Gerami Law, they will find that solution and a way to implement it.

I highly recommend making a consultation appointment at Gerami Law PC, regarding your immigration case, if you are hesitant and unsure which law firm you should choose. You won’t be disappointed.

Client: P Fa

Date: December 2017

Testimonial:  I’ve been thinking for a week of what I should write here, but there is absolutely no word to describe about my feelings, the first time I had met with Ms. Gerami about an hour I describe my situation so, my case was very complicated the second meeting she knew everything seriously everything by the page and paragraph about my very specific case and told me all the possibilities in my case.   Also she strongly cared about my problems And finally she did what no one couldn’t do before, God bless you.

Client: Bipasha Bandopadhyay

Date: December 2017

Testimonial:  I am extremely happy and satisfied with the Team Gerami . Post rejection for a student visa it was very difficult for me to assimilate, compile and justify my case for a re-submission. That’s when I sought the professional help of Gerami Law and the way my case was structured, handled and fought by them was commendable . A big chunk of the credit associated with achieving my student visa at the second attempt goes to the Team of Gerami Law . Their impeccable execution and strong substantiation of my case is worth a standing ovation.

I 100% recommend Gerami Law to all in need of similar services.

Goodluck & Cheers!

Bipasha Bandopadhyay.

Client: kahin Roble

Date: January 2018

Testimonial:  My name Kahin. I am a client of Gerami Law PC and my lawyer is Mr Murphy.
I just would like to say that I am really grateful with Mr Murphy and his team. My case had been very complicated and I had lost hope before I decided to hire Gerami . I met Mr. Murphy and he gave a professional advice. We won the first step without even attending a hearing.
Now I am waiting a hearing and I am glad to have him with me as a lawyer. I would recommend everyone to hire Gerami Law because they are the best immigration lawyers.

Thank you Mr. Murphy and I hope we will win again this time.

Kahin Roble

Client: Huy Tran

Date: January 2018

Testimonial:  After 4 attemps to bring my friend who is also mother of the two Canadian Citizen children living in Vietnam to Canada as a visitor. I went to couple law firms in Ottawa for their services, however one of them just took the money from my friend and did nothing except filling the online application with incorret information. Finally, I went to Gerami Law PC, with help from Oksana, she’d helped us go thru the process professionally with care. We strongly recommend this law firm, they are the best law firm in town. Thanks Oksana, you have showed us how good you are.

Client: Libin Lazar

Date: June 2017

Testimonial:I only had few months left to apply for my permanent residency. After seeking help from Gerami Law PC, application process went pretty quick and they were able to submit my application before my work permit expiration. I have received my application eligibility from CIC. I would highly recommend Gerami Law PC to anyone seeking legal expertise for immigration purpose.

Client: Hesham Al

Date: January 2017

Testimonial: Dear Gerami, what words can I possibly use to describe what I’m feeling right now! Many thanks to you and your knowledgeable team for all your help, effort and kindness. I have retained Gerami Law to act on my behalf for PR application, and had a pleasant experience throughout the processing time.  Ms Gerami and her staff efficiently communicated and explained every single step from day one.

It’s really rare to find an attorney who cares about their clients. You gave us hope when we thought it’s the end of the road. I couldn’t have done it without your help; thanks to you & your professional team we have landed as PR now. I will absolutely recommend you to anyone who seek immigration help.

Client: S. J.

Testimonial: Having gone through decades of fear of prosecution in our home country, we were rest assured by Ms. Gerami that our case is enough compelling as a family in need of asylum in our first meeting. She meticulously reviewed our case and started compiling necessary evidences. Her care-taking team also looked into entire case and arranged numerous meetings thorough out the time. Finally, we managed to win the case in our first and last hearing session. It is noteworthy that without having Ms. Gerami’s invaluable efforts, professionalism, legal expertise, dedication and diligence, we were not able to get our case adequately and effectively presented in the hearing session. While we remain grateful to Ms. Gerami’s outstanding legal services, we keep on recommending her firm to anyone in desperate need of a reliable and dedicated lawyer.

Client: Pakeeza D.

Testimonial: I am honored to recommend Mrs. Arghavan Gerami and her entire team (PC) for providing an outstanding counseling services and work.

Ms. Gerami and her team’s practical legal advice, research and analytical skills, and diligence was instrumental in the success of my refugee claim. She worked on my asylum case step by step and helped me to prepare for my hearing and assisted me through the entire process of immigration.

As a successful lawyer, Mrs. Gerami’s advocacy talent, sincerity and charismatic personality and her entire team’s hard work and their synchronized coordination gained my trust on the very first day. My case was compiled and sent out in a very professional and well organized manner that gained even the Board Member’s attention, who specifically commented on it at my hearing day. Her charm and support made the entire process of my asylum easier and hopeful, on the other hand her friendly team’s availability in assisting and providing relevant information and working on my story was great and successful experience.

My sincerest gratitude goes to Mrs. Gerami and her entire team for their focused work and excellent job and I would definitely seek her advice any time again.

Client: Selma R.

Testimonial: It is my privilege to recommend Ms. Gerami, her team and the office for the excellent representation while dealing with my asylum claim, and handling my case in an outstanding manner from the very beginning. Ms. Gerami and her team’s superior skills, insight and experience were the main factors for the success of my asylum claim. Her office was able to process large volumes of information quickly and formulate an effective strategy for my case that was demanding and challenge to decipher. Since the first visit, Ms. Gerami was very personable and easily gained my trust. At my hearing she was extremely persuasive while arguing every single detail of my claim, and together with her team legal writers, they had produced a well-researched and compelling brief with arguments, which made my case a success story. Once again, I would like to thank you Ms. Gerami and her team for the outstanding job done and without any doubts I would seek her advice again.

Client: Brain M.

Testimonial: We hired Gerami Law to handle our business visa applications. The Team was impressive from the outset in how quickly they acted on our behalf, how they gathered the necessary documents and filed our applications. We felt taken care of and were impressed by the firm’s professionalism, competence and precision. I would recommend Gerami Law to any business or individual needing legal services on a time-sensitive matter.

Client: S. B.

Testimonial: We initially came to meet Gerami Law to complete a humanitarian application for our family. It was a difficult time for us and we were concerned to find all of our options. Ms. Gerami and her Team were welcoming, patient and extremely helpful. The assisted our family throughout the process and explained how we should proceed, what strategy would best fit our situation and the steps that were required. What really impressed us was the Firm’s committed and persistent attitude and the support they provided to us at a very critical time for us. The amount of time and energy that was devoted to us made us feel more than just clients. We recommend Gerami Law wholeheartedly to anyone facing removal or any difficult immigration situation.

Client: B. O.

Testimonial: I found out about Gerami Law PC when I was looking for a lawyer to argue my case to the Federal Court. After my claim was unsuccessful at the Immigration and Refugee Board, my counsels recommended me to contact Gerami Law PC in order to seek a judicial review of the negative decision from the Refugee Protection Division. I knew that I needed a lawyer that could present strong arguments in my case. It was quite a difficult time for me because of all the torments that I had experienced. Ms Gerami worked with Nicolas Ranger and Luna-Martine Jean in my case. She did an excellent job and argued my case successfully. To my relief, the Court granted me a judicial review and sent the case back for re-determination before a different Panel Member. Thank you to the Gerami Law PC team for all their efforts!

Client: Sonia E.

Testimonial: Over the past few months, I have retained Gerami Law on a number of important and urgent immigration matters, including a stay of removal order and two judicial reviews of negative decisions of my pre-removal risk assessment and permanent residency application. I have full confidence in Ms. Gerami and her ability to always deliver the best possible results with utmost professionalism and efficiency.

Most recently, I retained Gerami Law after being detained for breaching conditions of my release by Canada Border Service Agents (CBSA). The events leading up to my arrest were traumatic and stressful to say the least. I was held at a correctional facility in Ottawa and was particularly unsure of my fate. My husband contacted Ms. Gerami’s office immediately after my arrest on Wednesday and a detention review hearing was scheduled on Friday of the same week. In less than 48 hours, Ms. Gerami and her team prepared my entire case and submitted all the necessary documents and evidence to the appropriate Board Member of the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) in Montreal that would be hearing my case. Everything was done quickly and efficiently. Ms. Luna-Martine Jean, a highly qualified lawyer at Gerami Law represented me at the hearing in Ottawa. Ms. Jean was extremely organized and made her submissions very persuasively, ultimately convincing the IRB member to agree to my release, without any bond or strict conditions. I was released soon thereafter. I received the exact outcome I was looking for and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Words fail to express my gratitude to Ms. Gerami and her amazing team for their hard work and assistance with my case. I truly felt like I mattered to them and that they were entirely devoted to my best interest. My husband and I highly recommend Gerami Law and their excellent team to represent you on any of your immigration matters.

Client: Ismail Kibirige

Testimonial: As foreign national seeking to study in Canada, I contacted Gerami Law PC after I had unsuccessfully applied for a study permit. My study permit application was rejected twice. Lawyers at the firm were able to prepare and submit my application in a short timeframe, and convinced the immigration officer that I met all the requirements to study in Canada. Although I was outside Canada, working and communicating with the firm was very easy. The lawyers were always available to answer my questions and guide me through the process, giving me peace of mind.

Client: Alan Green

Testimonial: Relying on my experience as a general contractor and my plans to start my own business, lawyers at Gerami Law PC were able to successfully apply for an LMO-exempt work permit. They argued that my experience and business would bring significant economic benefits or opportunities for Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Trusting Gerami Law to handle my immigration matters allowed me to focus all my time and energy on my business.

Client: Jean

Testimonial: When I first came to see Ms. Gerami, my family had received a removal order from Canada. We had very little time and very little hope that we could succeed on a stay motion. We were not aware of our options and even considered leaving Canada without a fight. Ms. Gerami met with us, reviewed our materials and explained that our case had merit. She fought very hard for us and we were granted a stay of our removal. She accepted a payment plan that we could afford to pay and was genuinely concerned that we are able to gain access to justice in a timely way. Since then, she has provided many other immigration services to our family including a pre-removal risk assessment application, a judicial review of our humanitarian and compassionate application, and the judicial review of the CBSA officer’s refusal to defer our removal. Ms. Gerami is arguing that the officer’s removal decision breached my family’s constitutional rights because we had never been afforded a risk assessment. Throughout Ms. Gerami has provided personalized, compassionate and effective representation to our family. We are extremely grateful to her for all of her efforts and fabulous work.

Client: Adel

Testimonial: Ms. Gerami won a stay of removal in my case and is currently representing me on my judicial review and my humanitarian and compassionate application. I am also planning to retain her to represent me on my pre-removal risk assessment. I have a serious medical condition for which I need regular doses of medication. I received a removal order to Kuwait but because I am a stateless person, I am not entitled to receive this medication there. Based on the evidence from my doctor, Ms. Gerami argued that I should not be removed from Canada because my life and personal safety would be at risk. She also argued that my humanitarian application was filed in a timely manner and combined with the risk to my health, the Enforcement officer’s decision to remove me from Canada was unreasonable. I was so relieved that the court granted a stay in my case and I will be able to continue receiving my medication. Ms. Gerami fought very hard for me and argued my case full force. I am indebted to her and her team for genuinely caring and pulling my case together in such a short time. I hired her on a Thursday and my materials were filed with the Court the next day and she managed to get a hearing for me on the Sunday, just a day before my removal.

Client: A. B.

Testimonial: I came to Canada to work as a live-in caregiver, hoping to eventually apply for permanent residence (PR). However, after several years of working in Canada, I was unable to meet all the PR requirements due to unforeseen events. I contacted Gerami Law PC and discussed my situation with the legal team. Lawyers took the time to explore my options, answer my questions, and address my concerns. They proposed an innovative strategy to deal with the situation, and guided me through the entire process. The team was very professional, and the quality of their work was clearly apparent in the legal submissions made with my application for PR. I’m glad I contacted Gerami Law PC.

Client: K. S.

Testimonial: I went to Gerami Law because the Immigration Appeal Division rejected my case and I lost my permanent residency. I asked them to prepare a judicial review application and argue my case. Ms. Gerami’s and her team made me feel at home from the beginning. They always returned my calls promptly and answered my questions. We worked together to tell my story. Ms. Gerami explained that the IAD did not consider my baby’s best interests. My girlfriend was 8 months pregnant when my case was decided by the IAD. Ms. Gerami argued that even though my baby was not yet born, his interests ought to have been taken into account. I was so relieved that Federal Court granted leave on my application and a hearing was scheduled. Ms. Gerami presented my case so strongly that the Department of Justice agreed the case should be sent back to the IAD to be decided again. I cannot thank the Gerami Team enough for everything they have done for me and my family.