5 Reasons to Move

Canada continues to be an immigration hub and the eighth most popular country in the world for migrants. In 2021, the country resettled more than 400,000 new permanent residents, 11,000 of those being Iranian. CIC News reported on why Iranians prefer Canada over any other destination.

The Language

In Iran, English lessons start in middle school and continue through high school. Because of this, the majority of Iranians are fluent in English, making it easier for them to adapt and integrate quicker. Canada’s rich linguistic diversity offers another bonus – no matter where you come from, you will most likely hear your mother tongue on the street.

The Immigration Programs

Canada’s diverse immigration programs are also tough to resist. Canada knows how important immigrants are for its economy, which is why the government consistently works hard towards landing a large number of immigrants each year.

Like most of the countries in the world, Canada has a declining birth rate and an ageing population, which had led to labour shortages that many experienced migrants are looking to fill. To do this, the government offers more than one hundred immigration routes. Historically, Iranians have entered Canada through Express Entry, PNP, family sponsorship, and student visa pathways.

Immigration Pathways for Students

Along with a high-quality education system, Canada also offers permanent residency pathways for international students. For example, if a student graduates from an eligible full-time program, they may obtain a Post-Graduation Work Permit. That allows them to gain Canadian experience and the potential to apply for other immigration programs.

The Quality of Life

In the 2022 World Population Review Report, Canada was ranked one of the best countries to live in. Not only does it have one of the largest economies in the world, but the OECD’s Better Life Index also ranks Canada as above average in personal security, health status, environmental quality, job opportunities, earnings, and more.

Many Iranian migrants, like Karim Hakimi who is founded Hakim Optical Lab Ltd, and the Ghermezian family who developed and own the famous West Edmonton Mall, have found success after relocating to Canada. There are also current politicians with Persian roots; Ali Cyrus Ehsassi and Majid Jowhari are both Liberal Members of Parliament.


Since the 1970s, cultural diversity has been largely promoted in the country. Canadians are overall welcoming towards immigrants. Not only are Iranians a big part of Canada’s cultural community and economy, but many ancient ceremonies such as Nowruz and Persian New Year are also celebrated across the country.