After Taking Office, Biden Plans to Reverse All of Trumps Anti-Immigration Policies

After a tumultuous four years under the Trump administration, the United States has elected Joe Biden to be its next president. This will likely have a significant effect on the country’s immigration policies.

When it comes to immigration, President Donald Trump made it clear that immigration was not a priority for his administration. Throughout his 4-year term, Trump issued over 400 immigration-related executive orders, effectively launching a war on both legal and “illegal” immigration.

Some of Trump’s anti-immigration moves include, but are not limited to:

  • A 400-mile border wall constructed between the U.S. and Mexico

  • COVID-19 travel bans

  • Visa restrictions

  • Reducing legal immigration

  • Reducing the annual ceiling for refugees

  • Expediting deportations


Biden’s Anticipated Immigration Reform

Based on comments made by former Vice President throughout his recent presidential campaign, Biden has made it clear that his stance on immigration could not be any more different from his predecessor. Biden has even described Trump’s immigration policies as part of a “cruel, anti-American agenda.”

In fact, some of Biden’s anticipated policies would appear to be even more progressive than former President Barack Obama.

“I believe in the United States of America, an America that is strengthened by its diversity, proud of our heritage as a nation of immigrants, and where families belong together,” said Biden. “Those are the values that shape my immigration policy.”

When Biden is sworn into office in January 2021, he will face significant challenges related to immigration reform due to the extent of executive orders and other anti-immigration related policies currently in place. However, the new President-Elect is expected to make significant strides when he takes office.

Here is what we can likely expect from the new President-Elect:


  • A more humane approach towards immigration

  • Reuniting asylum-seeking parents and children separated at the border

  • Holding Customs and Border Protection (CBP) accountable for inhumane treatment

  • Reversing travel bans from many predominantly Muslim countries

  • Modernizing the immigration system

  • Passing legislation that would create a clearer path towards citizenship for undocumented immigrants

  • Reversing policies that would strip legal rights from immigrants and asylum seekers

  • Raising the annual cap on refugees from 18,000 to 125,000

  • Reinstating Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

  • Releasing a 100-day ban on deportations

  • Sending additional support to border police


It is safe to say that we can expect significant change from the Biden administration come 2021, and not just related to immigration.