Different Immigration Streams to Open

Ukraine and Canada have a historic tie that dates back to the late-1800s. Since then, Ukrainians have consistently come to the country to resettle and currently make up more than 2% of the population. In light of the current conflict, the government of Canada has stepped up to help. Not only is IRCC prioritizing Ukrainian applications in all immigration streams, but in two weeks, it is also introducing new immigration pathways.

Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel

This stream is meant for individuals looking to obtain temporary residence and will eliminate most of the normal visa requirements. While there is no limit to the number of people who can apply, individuals must complete a background check and security screening. Once approved, the permit can be extended for up to 2 years.

Family Reunification Sponsorship

Working in conjunction with the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, this new stream will be open to Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents who have a spouse, common law or conjugal partner, or dependent children who are Ukrainian nationals. This pathway is intended to be another way to obtain permanent residence. As part of this program, IRCC will also fast-track the processing of travel documents for family members without a valid passport.

Open Work Permits

All Ukrainian nationals who come to Canada will be immediately eligible to apply for an open work permit. Likewise, Ukrainians currently in the country who cannot go home safely, and have a visitor, work, or student visa, will also be eligible for an open work permit. Individuals with job offers who have applied for a permit may immediately start working while their application is being processed.

Other Measures

The IRCC has created a dedicated service channel. All Ukrainians inside and outside Canada can speak with IRCC agents over the phone using the dedicated line 613-321-4243 or by adding the keyword Ukraine2022 to any of their web form enquiries.

The Immigration Minister has also implemented a vaccination exemption for Ukrainians who have a visitor visa, temporary resident permit, or written notice that permanent residence has been approved. The exemption applied to those who are unvaccinated, partially vaccinated, or have vaccines that are not formally recognized by Health Canada. However, all other public health measures, including quarantine, will apply.

CBSA is also cooperating by temporarily staying all removal orders of Ukrainian nationals.