Ukrainians Travel from Poland to three Canadian Provinces

In the next few weeks, Ukrainians who have been approved under the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) program will have access to chartered flights to Canada. Those who have received their visas will receive an email from the IRCC with details on how to register for the flights.

Approved CUAET holders can fly out of Poland on the following flights, on a first-come, first-served basis:

  • May 23 to Winnipeg, Manitoba;
  • May 29 to Montreal, Quebec; and
  • June 2 to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Those who do not have accommodation upon arrival in Canada will be provided with temporary accommodation for up to two weeks.


Since the CUAET was introduced last March, Ukrainians and their immediate family members, regardless of nationality, can apply to stay in Canada for up to three years.  Open work permits and study permits are also available with priority processing, which allows refugees to work with any Canadian employer or to enroll in a Canadian educational program.

The Government of Canada is prepared to provide temporary settlement assistance to Ukrainians arriving through CUAET until March 31, 2023. The assistance includes language training, information to help them access the labour market, counselling, skills developments, and training.

Series of Measures for Ukrainians

CUAET is among some of the latest measures Canada has put in place to help Ukrainians. To correspond with the emergency program, the Canadian government also offers a three-year open work permit, as well as expedited Family sponsorship for Ukrainians.

Additional measures to support Ukraine include:

  • A dedicated hotline for Ukraine immigration enquiries;
  • Urgent travel documents processing;
  • Extension of work and study permits;
  • Fees for travel and immigration documents are currently waived;
  • Canada is exempting unvaccinated Ukrainians from Canada’s COVID-19 vaccination entry requirements; and
  • Settlement program services.

Ukrainians can also book commercial flights, subsidized by the Ukraine2Canada Travel Fund, to enter the country. The fund was established in cooperation with Miles4Migrants, Air Canada, and the Shapiro Foundation, which will offer approximately 10,000 free flights to people fleeing war in the country.

More information about immigration measures for Ukraine can be obtained by signing up for IRCC’s email updates here or by visiting this IRCC page.